Welcome to the DCIS My Story website.  My name is Britta Wilk McKenna and I was diagnosed with DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma in Situ) on December 30, 2010. Since then I’ve undergone four surgeries, with Stage 2 reconstruction completed on November 18, 2011, nipple construction on February 1, 2012 and finished with my nipple/areola tattoo on April 21, 2012. I launched this site on the eve of October Breast Cancer Awareness month (2011) in an effort to share the information I wish I had when I was diagnosed. To read my story, check the “Introduction” tab at the top of this site. Please visit my non-profit site, Breast Cancer MyStory at www.breastcancermystory.org and like both DCISMyStory and BreastCancerMyStory on Facebook.

I’ve focused my energies on obtaining information to share with the 60,000 women (and men) who will walk in my footsteps with DCIS this year as well as all types of breast cancer.  This site is also meant for those that love and care for us to help you gain insight, information and resources. Please share this site with those you think may benefit to help us build a community of support for breast cancer.

The tabs along the top of this website each have sub pages under them, so scroll over them to see the many pages of information available to help shed light on a disease whose treatment is a hotbed of debate.

Thank you for stopping by; I wish my fellow travelers “enlightened trails” during your journey with DCIS and breast cancer. Please share your thoughts by commenting on pages or drop me an email offline at brittawmckenna@gmail.com to share your story. Together we can build a community of support for all those affected by breast cancer.


Britta Wilk McKenna