Recovery on Water – ROW


Recovery on Water

Recovery on Water began as a collaboration between Sue Ann Glaser, an Evanston breast cancer survivor, and Jenn Gibbons, a rowing coach at Ignatius Chicago Crew (ICC). Jenn enlisted ICC student volunteers to attend practices to help lift boats and assist while receiving community service hours for their time at practice. She began hosting weekly practices in the winter months of 2007, and the first group of women began practicing on the water in the spring of 2008.

ROW is a support service and exercise program for women who are currently in treatment or have been through treatment for breast cancer.  Their program is rooted in research that exercise can reduce cancer recurrence by 50%.

ROW practices four days a week, 12 months a year, instructing survivors in their 30′s through their 60′s.  There are no fitness requirements for joining our program and members are not expected to know how to row when they join. ROW is funded by our board, member dues, events, grants and individual donations and gifts so that all survivors are able to join our team. ROW is proud to be the leading resource for Chicago’s survivors as they get fit, fight back, and have fun. For more information about Recovery on Water, visit

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