This page is meant to direct you to places that can give you in person assistance.  Although I haven’t had time to feature each of these organizations, I plan to write a blog on each and provide information about what types of resources each has to offer breast cancer survivors.  Please comment and add to the list.

Cancer Resource Centers (CRC) are popping up everywhere to support cancer survivors and their families and fill the gap between medical care for your body and recovery for your mind. Click on the link below and type in your zip code to find the nearest CRC.

FIND A CANCER RESOURCE CENTER (site hosted by Cancer Wellness Center) American Cancer Society Living Well Cancer Resource Center (Geneva, IL) – Breast Cancer group, Mastectomy Support Group, wellness services Fox Valley Volunteer Hospice (Geneva, IL) Imerman Angels 1:1 Mentor Matching

utube video link/3 cases of breast cancer/90 minutes:  Little Company of Mary Comprehensive Breast Cancer Center Tumor Board, “Behind the Scenes With Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Care.”  October, 2012

Dr. Susan Love’s Army of Women


HerStory, an app for mastectomy patients22 where patients give verbal advice:

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