How to Use Site

This website is broken up into multiple topic pages.  Please visit as many or as few as interest you. If you found my blog looking for information about DCIS because a family member or loved one has just been diagnosed, make sure you read through “DCIS – What is it?” and “Caregivers.”  If you have just been diagnosed with DCIS and are frantically looking for information, read everything and let it all sink in.  Drop me a note on what you feel is helpful and if you think of anything I’ve missed.

PHOTO NOTE:  The photo was taken by my husband, Steve on June 3, 2012 at the closing ceremonies of the Chicago Avon 2-Day Walk.  Can you find me?  Hint:  I’m in the middle of the picture, wearing a survivor dark pink T-shirt and wearing sunglasses.

One comment on “How to Use Site

  1. Nice website, Sis!
    I wish you the best and hope other women will find it a useful tool.
    I will pass on the word.

    much love,

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