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Welcome to dcismystory.com. Choose from the drop down menu of choices to help you navigate your questions about Ductal Carcinoma in Situ.  My name is Britta McKenna and I’m a DCIS survivor.  I hope I can be of help with you on your journey.


3 comments on “DCIS Information

  1. I was diagnosed with DCIS in July of 2014. After several mammograms and a biopsy I received a call from the radiologists that I had breast cancer and needed to follow up with a surgeon. I anxiously waited over a week for my appointment, meanwhile tearfully telling family and friends my devastating diagnoses. However, the appointment with the surgeon turned to complete confusion when he said this was not breast cancer it was DCIS . Assuming I was misdiagnosed since I had no knowledge of DCIS I felt relieved until he told me I would need a lumpectomy followed by radiation or I could opt for a mastectomy or I could do nothing! Decided to seek out my own information and found every other website I researched had different opinions as to whether DCIS is cancer or not. I’ve had the lumpectomy and 8 lymph nodes removed, seems pretty extreme considering I don’t have breast cancer? After seeing the oncologist and radiologist I was told I would need radiation , I was hesitant because I was told I didn’t have breast cancer. They said if I didn’t I needed a mastectomy! Finally , I said do I have breast cancer or not , they looked confused, and said you do have breast cancer! I will start radiation in a few weeks. If they decide to take carcinoma out of DCIS they should consider women will be less likely to take any action and unfortunately there is no crystal ball with DCIS , who will develop invasive cancer and who won’t ?

    • Hello Robin,
      I totally agree. It is treated like breast cancer, so the name and/or best practice needs to change to reflect what the current thinking is. I too feel like a bit of a misfit. At least it is comforting to know that DCIS is Stage 0 and hasn’t spread anywhere. That is the good news. And staying healthy after treatment is the goal. Blesssings to you.

      • Thanks Britta for your response,misfit is a good word ,I have also been considered somewhat dramatic.I have heard comments from people who have said, ” After your cancer scare” and “at least you dont have breast cancer”.I look at myself now as blessed and thankful that I have the support of those that matter most to me as I move forward with treatment.Most of all I consider myself fortunate to be at stage 0, I know there are many who face a much tougher road.Blessings to you also!

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