Know Your PHP – Personal Health Profile


What’s a PHP?  Your Personal Health Profile, of course!  Answer the following ten questions and find out. The PGP is a tool I developed to better understand MY risks in and how I can achieve a healthier lifestyle. No major university or health association endorses the validity of this quiz.  It is just a chance for you to look in the mirror right this very moment.  Every positive change you make in your life raises your score!  The categories are based on areas research has show have a correlation to increased risk of breast cancer.

1.  Are you at your ideal weight and making good food choices?

(0) no       (1) at ideal weight, but don’t make good food choices      (2) at ideal weight AND make good food choices

2.  Do you get 7-8 hours of sleep sleep per night?          (0) no     (1) yes

3.  Do you work the night shift?        (0) yes     (1) no

4.  Do you smoke?       (-1) yes, excessively     (0) yes, moderately     (1) no

5.  Do you exercise?

(0) no     (1) yes, but not as much as I should      (2) yes, very regularly

6.  Do you drink alcohol?     (-1)  more than I should      (0)  1-3 drinks per week       (1)  no

7. Have you visited your physician in the past year for a check-up?

(0) No    (1) Yes, but still haven’t gone for further diagnostic testing as recommended by my physician

(2) Yes, and am up to date on all tests required for my age-group and family history recommendations

8.  Do you perform monthly breast self-exams?  (0) No    (1) Yes

9.  Do you manage your stress?

(0) No, I worry about getting breast cancer or reoccurrence frequently  (1) Not much, I try to keep myself educated and make sure I live well to help reduce my worries and stress  (2) No, I am proactive and do things like the following: joined a support group, do Yoga, see a therapist, talk about my stress with loved ones.

10.  Are the environmental factors in your life putting you at risk for breast cancer?  

Things like water and air pollution where you live, lead paint, PFAA’s, PFOA’s…read the .pdf link above for more information.

(0) yes     (1) no


BRITTA’S FEEDBACK TO YOUR SCORE:  DISCLAIMER:  Use this as a guideline only and check with your health professionals to create a plan to improve your health. This quiz was developed based on my personal distillation and understanding of research and best practice

(-3 to 4)  SEEK HELP!  Reach out to family, friends, co-workers and medical professionals to get on track to living well.

(4-10) YOU CAN DO BETTER!  Yes, you are doing some things right, but look over your 0’s and any negative numbers and make a plan today to improve.

(11-14) WOW!  You are a model of living well.  Keep it up and try and encourage others along the path.

HINT:  A year ago I would have scored a 10.  Today I scored a 12, so I’m improving, which we all should be doing! If you see me in person, ask which two points I’m working on.

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