Chef Fit Foodie Jen’s Ten Healthy Living Tips

Thank you to Chef Jennifer Bucko Lamplough for making me a healthy lunch and sharing her tips for living a healthy life.


#1 – Sugar is our downfall.  More specifically carbohydrates, as your body turns them into sugar when in excess, which leads to weight gain.  Jen says that sugar is hidden in many foods and you have to really look at recipes and ask the wait staff questions about how the food is prepared to control what you actually consume.

#2 – Read your labels. Chef shared a story with me about a student who was consuming an energy drink in class to stay awake; Jen was so upset that she showed that student the label and gave him quite a lesson on reading labels. That energy drink can actually contained three servings with each being 200 calories and 30 grams of carbohydrates.  Do the math and you come out to a whopping 600 calories for the can and 90 grams of carbs.  Yikes!  Read the labels folks.

#3 – Prepare things ahead of time.  Jen is more successful in her weight loss and healthy eating when she packs her lunch the night before.  She also says she hard boils a dozen eggs at a time and keeps them in the refrigerator and they are ready for a snack or recipes.

#4 – Cut it up.  Yes, those whole vegetables and fruits in the drawer are much more likely to get eaten if you take the time to cut them up and store them in plasticware in the fridge.  It is much easier to make a healthy food decision if you do your prep work beforehand.

#5 – Don’t go crazy over fat.  Chef Jen says that she doesn’t count her fat gram intake, but rather makes healthy fat decisions and avoids saturated fats.  She sometimes replaces Greek yogurt for sour cream or cuts a recipe with half mayonnaise and half Greek yogurt to lower the fat content. Also, use canola, olive or nut-related oils or avocado for healthier fats.

#6 – Limit your alcohol.  Or better yet, eliminate it altogether.  There are two reasons from Chef Fit Foodie.  The first is that alcohol is high in calories/carbohydrates.  Second, drinking usually causes you to lose your inhibitions and ultimately eat (and drink) more.  Britta’s comment:  Research of a link between alcohol and breast cancer is suspect, but not definitive.

#7 – No carbs after lunch.  When Chef Jen was losing the most weight, she attributes much of that success to this rule. At a minimum watch your carbs if you are looking to lose weight.

#8 – Work out hard and break a sweat at the gym.  As long as you are medically cleared to work out, make sure your heart rate is in your appropriate cardio and fat burning range when you work out.

#9 – Use a heart rate monitor when you work out. This goes nicely with #8.  If you wear a heart rate monitor, you’ll see why or why not you are breaking a sweat and can set new goals for yourself accordingly.

#10 – Do your best.  Whether you are trying to eat more healthy or exercise more, do your best and results will follow.

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