5 comments on “Hope Found Here

  1. Thank you for creating this website. I am 32 y.o. and was recently diagnosed with DCIS. My surgery is in a week and I opted for a double mastectomy (although affected is only left side) for prophylactic purposes. I am terrified to know that there is a possibility the post-surgery final pathology report is considered the actual and may bring up something omitted at original ultrasound guided needle biopsy. I pray it is solely DCIS. Please pray for me too.

    I am scared. Very much. I want to live. I do not even have own family and children yet. That was my dream..

    • Hi Daisy,
      I feel your fear as I read your comment. I have walked in your shoes and know the fear first hand. Take a deep breath, pray, talk to your loved ones and make plans for the future. Follow my Top 10 Tips for before and after mastectomy to help ease your road ahead. Be strong and be sure to let others help you when they offer. May your surgeon’s hands be guided to success and the results be the best possible news. Warm Regards, Britta

    • Daisy
      I hope your surgery had gone well and you are feeling much better now. I am pretty sure you have been through the worse and God permitting the final pathology report was clear. Please let me know your experience with the double mastectomy. I am also considering that option for prophylactic purposes.

      All the best

      • Hi Pilar,

        Thank you for the kind words. It’s been three months since my surgery. Praises be to God, I fell very well and recovered. I found the physical aspect of healing not as bad, however mentally I am still struggling. It is a major mental impact. But God willing, I’ll overcome it as well.

        I healed fast and well, thank God. I’ve resumed light physical exercise, go to gym, do yoga and jog. I still have expanders and will have a replacement surgery in a month. People say silicone implants will feel very comfortable and I won’t even feel them. A friend of mine whose gone through same says she only recalls of her DCIS experience by looking in the mirror and seeing scars. Otherwise, boobs should feel comfy.

        I am glad I’ve done the prophylactic as well as it freed me of the need for hormonal therapy. I sought opinion of 2 very good oncologists and both said since I’ve done both, there is no need for any treatment. Just healing the wounds. It is also such a peace of mind – not to worry about things coming up on the other side.

        It is sad, of course, to not be able breastfeed and having children and being Mom is my greatest wish. I do not have any children yet. But at least, the prophylactic approach has spared me 5 reproductive years.

        God bless you with easy surgery and quick recovery. Feel free to ask questions about surgery and recovery. Kind regards.

  2. Hi Daisy

    I am not sure if you will see this after so long but I was hoping everything is well. Hopefully you have been blessed with a baby or will have that blessing soon.

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