One comment on “Launch Day

  1. Had my first post diagnosis check up this moinnrg (6 month) and all is clear-I’m officially cancer free and move to survivor status. Of course, I had to answer, numerous times, as to why i had refused radiation and tamoxifen. Each time I got that you did WHAT? response followed by the comment, well you know not doing standard of care increases your chance of a recurrence? Good grief, yes, I know that and I’m willing to bet I know much more about my case and standard of care than any of them. So, scare tactics still continuing, even as they’re telling me I’m cancer free and my breast tissue and lymph nodes were perfect . I’m sure I’ll have another round of scare tactics in 2 weeks when I followup with the breast surgeon. Of course, my naturopath Dr and clinical nutritionist were happy. I just keep wondering why all I hear about is recurrence and nothing about the 80% that never have another problem. Oh yeah, because then they can’t scare you into doing things that lines their pockets with cash.

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